5 Tips for a Meltdown Free Holiday Season

The holidays are such a magical time. Family, food, gifts and gatherings make it the most wonderful time of the year. But if you have little ones and don’t approach the holidays objectively, the whole family could end up on the naughty list! Here are 5 tips to a meltdown-free holiday season.

Cholesterol 101

Did you know cholesterol levels start to rise after the age of 20? Some of these cholesterol basics might surprise you!

Cooped Up! How to Survive When You’re Stuck Inside

So as of now, it seems like the whole west side of the country is on fire. With the wildfires in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, California and Washington, the smoke is thick and the air is hazardous to breathe. The east side is facing flooding and hurricanes. With hurricane Harvey just passing and hurricane Irma and…