Kyndra Johnson Johnson Content Creations

My name is Kyndra Johnson and I am a women and children’s advocate. I am a mom, wife, small business owner, CASA volunteer for Spokane County and a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a degree in International Affairs.

Services I offer:

  • Site Pages/ Web Copy

  • Blog posts

  • Social Media Management

  • White papers

  • Articles

  • Emails

  • Newsletters

What on earth can I do with a degree in International Affairs?

  • Research and Attention to Detail.

The most valuable skill I have gained from this degree is the ability to fully research practically any topic. Using reliable sources, I can gather enough information on the matter to present it clearly and effectively.

  • Translate Complex Ideas into Simple, Understandable Content.

Many times I have come across concepts that are complicated and difficult to understand. I have developed the ability to “decode” this information using a series of techniques to breakdown the information. Then the content can be reworded in layman terms as to be easily understood by the everyday reader.

  • Write Quickly, Clearly, Efficiently and Effectively.

I have become very familiar with deadlines and tight timelines. I am able to organize my time in a way that leaves a comfortable buffer before deadlines. However, in cases of a tight timeline, I have also become able to produce clear and effective content in a very timely fashion.

Additionally, I am passionate about the well being of children and have become equally as passionate about wellness for women. My blog will provide content regarding issues for women and children including health and fitness, mental and emotional development and wellness, finances, relationships and parenting. My goal is to help women see the beauty and humor in our everyday lives as well as provide some useful info while we’re at it! I can be contacted at kljacobs32@yahoo.com.


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